Shoulders of GIANTS: Ibiyomi Lois Tanimola

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Every week i interview leading developers in the tech ecosystem and share thier stories and advice on the tech.

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Today we will be having Ibiyomi Lois Tanimola as our guest.

Please can you share with us a little about yourself?

My name is Ibiyomi Lois Tanimola, a grauduate of Computer Science from Federal University lokoja. I'm an entrepreneur and solid Tech addict.

Favorite Music?

Any music by Jon Bellion, Simi, Jonny Drille and AJR

Best Hobby?

Adverstising and making research about things i'm knowing or seeing for the first time. This 2 are my best hobbies.

Do you have a Mentor(s) in Tech? or better still when it comes to Tech, who are your role models?

Kitan David and Banjo Mofesola Paul. They are full source of inspiration and biggest motivation for me.

Do you have Interest in sports, what precisely?

Yeah absolutely. Though Swimming is my best sport even though i can't swim well. I am Just learning. Also my final year project in school made me love football.

Favorite football club?


When and how did you get started in Programming?

I started in late 2017. I think it was around Octorber or November. My course mate "AY" was very good with web languages then, so sometimes we meet in school for him to explain to me what coding was really. He taught me the basics of HTML and CSS and also PHP. After that, i stopped for a while until April 2018, which was when i started learning fully and that was when i entered into tech fully too.

What Language or technology gave you a tough and challenging time learning?

Node.js. Well probably because i am changing line.

What was your first website, how long did it take you to build it, and how did you acheive it

The first real website i built aside my demo works was for computer science department which i used for my IT (Industrial Training) defence in school then, and the department promised to build more on it.

The first time I saw you speak was at a meetup organized by Ingressive campus Africa (ICA) in Federal university Lokoja. How and when did you venture into public speaking?

It's just a natural thing for me. I was the secondary school assembly prefect when i was in secondary school. So i faced the crowd of JSS1 (Junior Secondary School) to SS3 (Senior Secondary School) every Monday and Friday so that helped in building my confidence level whenever i'm to speak in events or gatherings.

In your journey of programming in tech, has anyone ever made you feel un-worthy, not-good-enough or unqualified most especially when in the midst of "Professionals"?

I only admire people's intelligence because i believe it's a learning process and i'll definitely be the best in my own line too when the time is right. All i have to do is to stay hungry and learn more.

What advice do you have for beginners and even those who want to venture into coding?

Well for beginners i'll just say don't be discourage. The future is Tech, if you don't start a thing in Tech now, your future is probably not secured. So for anyone who has chosen coding s their niche in Tech, the Internet is a great tool, everything comes easy with it. But even though you have the internet you need someone in Tech that you can talk to, that's where the "mentor-mentee" thing comes in so you don't get lost on the road.

At what point did you feel you were Job ready?

When i left the beginner level, like when i could do the basic web development tasks, i don't have to be an expert to start taking jobs. There was a platform i worked on with my friends then, working on that website made me know more about web languages. If i hadn't taken the job because i thought i was not an expert yet i wouldn't know i could do a very good job like that. So you don't have to wait till you know everything before you know you are job ready.

This series is all about talking to the awesome leading developers in tech. it is tasked with the goal that developers especially the "new bies" will know that the difficult and challenging experiences they face is not peculiar or unique to them alone, and that every leading developer you look up to and aspire to be like at some point started just like you. If determination and hard work can get them there, you can also get there. Also, bringing leading developers close to newbies and bridging the gap between leading senior developers and those just starting out in Tech through their stories.

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